Vehicle Insurance

Summarised Outline of Vehicle Insurance

Vehicles are more than just transportation. They’re how you protect yourself, your family and your business on the way to and from all of life’s moments. We value those experiences so much so that we built a product around them. Whatever your journey is, we’ll be there to protect you along the way with tailored coverage, discounts and over a century of superior service.

Every vehicle has a different story and We’re here to help you select the coverage that’s right for you. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re well protected!


Commercial Motor and Motor Fleet

This policy covers a fleet of vehicles both commercials and private vehicles which are used for social, domestic, business and commercial purposes. Different covers offered are:

This only covers Third Party Property Damage, Bodily Injury and Death

This only covers Third Party Property Damage, Bodily Injury, Death, Fire and Theft

This covers the perils offered under Full Third Party Fire and Theft and accidental damage to the vehicle, towing charges and medical expenses.